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Dr. Payman Simoni is the most evil, dishonest and disgusting person you can imagine.

I am currently recovering from the 3rd surgery to fix his mistakes, and they are not fixed. But I guess the damage he did to me was not enough - I was just served with papers about a phony restraining order filed by his wife saying I threatened to kill her and her kids. TOTALLY MADE UP!!!! I didn't even know he had a wife & kids!

This just happens to come a week after I filed a complaint with the dept of Health against Simoni for violating HIPAA laws by him posting my full name, home address & phone number on the internet. And it is also in retaliation for me reporting Simoni to the police several months ago because he threatened me with harm if I didn't remove a negative review of him on ratemds. So now I have to fly to LA to defend myself against this ***. Simoni is abusing the system and he will not get away with it.

Oh, and in the papers his wife says I was a patient of his. This contradicts Simoni's posts on the internet and his website saying I wasn't a patient, I was a former employee who stole drugs from him. How are you going to explain that in court, Simoni?

I hope his wife is prosecuted for perjury, and I hope he loses the malpractice case he is currently involved in in New York, contrary to his lies on the internet that he has never been sued for malpractice.

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San Francisco, California, United States #743460

I am the author of the above post about Payman Simoni. The post is inaccurate.


In all honesty, after reading all the drama associated with this doctor on Ripoff Report, here and all over the internet, I no longer want to see him. Yikes.


Payman Simoni is the worst horrible person, call him self surgent.. he purposely missed up my beautiful face, I wish I never ever went to this pice of *** ever, he is lier fake, and very ugly and unprofessional, him self with very bad nose job, I believe he has complex because of his nose surgery, anyone wants to go to him the should think billion times, before going to him, if you are victim of this bustard please e-mail me at aam.more and I am talking to an attorney, if want to be part of please e-mail me.

He dose not need to practice, he cheated through school years, to have degree, just think of his kind..... think you


Grow up you crazy freak stop posting so much hateful stuff online. It just makes you look bad. Nobody is trying to take away your first amendment rights, but at the same time stop shooting yourself in the foot.

I have been following your post for 3 years now. Get your revisionary surgery done to reshape you *** and call it a day. All surgery has its complications, and don't expect exactly what you want. Most of the time it's what is possible with how god makes your body.

I needed two for my face, but I never cried victim. Even after the first it was an improvement, but I wanted better. I went in expecting the doctor to TRY HIS BEST.

Answer this>>>>>(Please tell me why you went to an outolaryngologist for lipo? dumb f***)

Please teach me how to be a Psychic. It is a low overhead buisness. I'd love one of those.


geez..I was thinking of going in for a consult but uh this is really scary...all this drama!


So Bill, where did you learn to spell? "Mite"?

Come on! You're so transparent. Its obvious by your style that you're the same person writing all of these different comments under different names.

Grow up, get a life and please, try to muster up a brain cell and learn how to spell. :grin

Folsom, Louisiana, United States #245377

I won a malpractice, fraud & breach of contract lawsuit against Payman Simoni in Los Angeles. This makes 2 malpractice judgements against him in CA.

He is lying about his record. You have to go to the court records to find this out.

The CA Medical Board protects doctors, not patients! The do not list any judgements under $30K, and a doctor can several over $30K during a given period of time before they will list it.

to Simoni Victim San Francisco, California, United States #760320

I am the author of the above post and it is inaccurate.


I'm not a liar like you and your wife. And please Bill, please contact me. Hopefully we can get this guy's medical license revoked.


I wrote the above & it's inaccurate.

Verwood, England, United Kingdom #141006

Nice try psycho , Tanya3332, SS11, VS or now Bill or who ever you pretend to be.

Non of our employees are married. They are all single.

We will refuse to pay any money to you. remember that you have been ordered by the judge to stop your actions.


Bill- thank you so much for writing this. Tomorrow (Tuesday May 4) I have to fly to LA for the 8:30am hearing, so time is of the essence.

Please email me at vs0522@hotmail dot com, and I will give you my number. I would be so grateful if she could help me.

Even if she can't help for this, I'm also suing him for malpractice. Thanks.



My wife currently works for Dr. Simoni

She has told be several stories about how he has made mistakes in the operating room, some which mite have been considered 'life threatening' to the patient, but he made her keep quiet about it.

In addition, she claims that the Dr. 'fondles' and has innapropriate contact with his female staffers at the work place, even though he is apparently married with children.

Please let me know if I or my wife can be of any assistance to you in the form of a character witness?

So sorry for your situation :(

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