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Dr. Payman Simoni has just lost ANOTHER malpractice case against him in Los Angeles.

He posts lies on the internet saying he has a clear record, but he has 2 malpractice judgements against him in CA, and I don't know how many in NY. He lied under oath several times, but the judge saw the truth. If he is willing to commit perjury, do you think he would have any qualms about lying to you? This is the scariest doctor I have ever seen.

He did the wrong surgery on me, doing the opposite of what he was supposed to do. He caused damage to my sciatic nerve & I have constant pain. When I gave him a negative review on another site, he called & threatened me with physical harm. Then he started posting fake negative reviews of my business.

Then he had his wife file a phony restraining order against me, saying I was going to kill her and her children. I didn't even know he HAD a wife & children until I was served. I had to fly to LA at my expense to fight it, and I won. It was dismissed for lack of evidence, because it never happened.

This man is an out of control sociopath. Beware.

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San Francisco, California, United States #743457

I am the author of the above post about Payman Simoni. The post is inaccurate.


You have to go to the court records in Los Angeles and NY to find the malpractice cases against him - the medical board doesn't list them. Next time know what you are talking about before you call someone a sick twisted pathologial liar.


Oh, and I did check Dr. Simoni's record and there is only one complaint because a patient's records were not sent in time!

A clerical complaint! Oh, no! Someone call CNN! :eek :eek You really are a sick, twisted, pathological liar!

Everyone knows that you're posting under different names and doing your best to malign an innocent man who busted his butt to get his medical degree. THERE ARE NO COMPLAINTS AGAINST THIS DOCTOR WITH THE MEDICAL BOARD! You are a LIAR!

I hope he sues YOU for defamation. :(


And what can you offer us as proof? I would think there would be a newspaper article or some record of this on the internet.

Seems to me the negative comment posted here are done on a monthly basis by supposedly different people. I find it strange because even some of the worst doctors out there don't have negative posts like that in such rapid succession. So I ask you, where's the beef? Give us a link or something concrete that we can see for ourselves.

Put up or shut up and stop trying to malign this man in public like this. I don't know this man and I've never been a patient of his but this sort of activity is suspicious and seems to me to be more like the cruel, vindictive act of a person with a grudge instead of a credible former patient.

So please, give us a case number and a link with which to confirm your allegations. :roll

Folsom, Louisiana, United States #256993

What did he do to you?


My God people, do not take a chance with this man. He is a psychopath.

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