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Dr. Payman Simoni is the WORST doctor I have ever been to. He did the wrong surgery on me even though I gave him detailed diagrams of what he was supposed to do. I am about to have my third surgery to try to fix his mistakes. And now he is lying about me on the internet, saying I'm not a patient, I'm a former employee who stole drugs from him, I'm extorting money from him. He even threatened me with harm if I did not remove my negative review of him, and I reported him to the police. This guy is out of control. He also lies about his record - he has been sued for malpractice several times, including a CURRENT case in NY. You can see it here:

He lost a malpractice case in California recently. You can see that case here:

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #743465

with you posting multiple times here you sound like a crock.

San Francisco, California, United States #743461

I am the author of the above post about Payman Simoni. The post is inaccurate.


themselves? I can't be objective about my own life.

Also the things I needed were not done by many doctors.

Simoni told me he did all of them, but just lied to me. He is a total fraud.


If Simoni has been sued "several times", then why could you not intuit that before you got surgery if you are such a good psychic?

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