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Dr.Simoni was suppose to perform a non-surgical nose job on me and it came out crooked.

I dont think that anyone needs to spam him. I can bear witness. They wrote up my contract wrong and tried to over charge me for the sessions. He rushed me in and out and left me looking crazy.

I actually paid Dr. Rivkin an additional $1000.00 to fix my nose. I walked away from the $2500.00 and two remaining sessions from Dr. Simoni due to the horrific experience.

Dr. Simoni's office can verify that i did not return.

It was NOT good work and i did complain to them directly.


Monetary Loss: $2500.


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Los Angeles, California, United States #816109

OMG!I almost call him to set up an appointment.

I will keep searching.Thank you

to Fredrik #1118801

He is a complete ripoff, has terrible beside manners, and should have his doors shut. He's a typical money hungry, LA ***. I wonder how it is legal to charge 3-4 times more for a product than other doctors!!!


For God sees and hear all the complaints and God is "So Powerful"

And God has the Power to shut Dr. Simon down.

God hurts when he see us hurt and being taking advantage of.

Matthew 7:12

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

12 “In everything, therefore, [a]treat people the same way you want [b]them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.


Dr.(so called) Simon Ourion is a *** money-hungry *** in Beverly Hills who makes up so much ***, it should be his middle name.

What an a-hole.Do not see him, he is a fake and a liar and will only try to sell you down a path of lies.


This is a real complaint. It is, however, on the wrong company!! WHOOPS!! I tried to edit the company name and i also sent a note to the owners of this site but they have not/will not update or remove the complaint.


The doctor i had this problem with was DR. SIMON OURIAN at the epione center.


I have ask about this post to his assistant, but she is lying i can tell

but i will still try him out, if he screw up my face i have attorney, who will take care of him, we (my boyfriend) have never lost a case with this attorney since we have a real estate, we always have something going....

but his is not professional after you pay them deposit I found that out so far, but I hope you win your case, good luck.........

to Bunny (nick name) #705928

I wish I had known your attorney after I had the misfortune to go under this pretend doctor's knife.What a fraud he is.

He did a very bad job.

Folsom, Louisiana, United States #202952

I do have a REAL complaint against Dr. Payman Simoni. Dr. Payman Simoni is the worst and scariest doctor I have ever had the misfortune to go to. I went to him to fix another doctor's mistakes. Instead he did the opposite of what he agreed to do, making things worse and causing sciatic nerve pain. He ignored my email complaining of the damage, so I gave him a negative review on When he saw that, he called me and threatened me with physical harm if I didn't remove the post. I believed his threat, so at first I removed the post, but then I decided to report him to the police, and I re-posted it. He then started posting absurd lies - that I wasn't really a patient, that I was a former employee who stole drugs from him, and that I was a drug addict. I later found that on his NY reviews on that same site he posted the SAME THING about someone else who gave him a negative review a year before I ever heard of him. So either he is a liar, or he hires lots of drug addicts. Either way, do you really want to be operated on by this man?

That wasn't enough for this man who appears to be a sociopath. He then started posting fake negative reviews of my business. He has never been a client of mine. Then he had his wife file a phony restraining order against me, saying I threatened to kill her and her children! I had to fly to LA at my expense to fight this, and of course it was dismissed for lack of evidence, because it was TOTALLY FABRICATED.

And now I am suing this man for malpractice, and he has for several months refused to send me a copy of my medical records, which I am entitled to by law. I sent him a check for $30 which he first asked for to cover the cost of the copies, but then he demanded more than $800. He is being investigated by the government for HIPAA violations, and by the medical board for malpractice, and unprofessional conduct.

to Simoni Victim Bakersfield, California, United States #698468

I had a bad experience with Payman Simoni M.D and I would like to know what Attorney to go to. Thank you

to Simoni Victim San Francisco, California, United States #760317

I am the author of the above post and it is inaccurate.

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